Oma Else, Mainz – GERMANY

Travelling through Germany in Winter time. To withstand the temperatures below 0ºC, the icy wind, and the frosty streets you defenitely need a good breakfast in the morning. So we went to Oma Else in Mainz to get some Energy for the day and we very amazed.


Oma Else

Jakobsbergstrasse 12

Mainz, Germany


What did we have:


Pancakes- that is not very German?! Well actually it is. Germans love Pancakes or Pfannkuchen. What a better way to put some sugar into your system to get you going for the day. Served with a deli fruit salad.


Grampa Hans’ Cheesy Cheese breakfast and scrambled eggs. Proteins at maximum. To strengthen and build up some muscles. On the cheese plate you will find all types of cheese. Starting with a very fresh farmer’s cheese with chopped herbs, emmental, gouda, brie, etc. Everything a cheese-lover needs. And all served together with a boiled egg, veggies, honey, and good old German bread.


Short summary:

Definitely a place to visit to have some very delicious breakfast.




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