Charcoal Salmon

Yessss! The temperatures are over 28 degrees so it is time for some BBQ. First on the docket some salmon. Salmon is quite easy to make, super delicious, and just perfect to maintain the bikini-shape for the summer. (BTW: if you do not have a BBQ or the weather is not working on your side you can make this salmon in a frying pan or in the oven)

What you need (2 portions)

  • 400g pork or veal meat (make sure that it is rich in collagen)
  • 4 salmon slices (with skin and scales 150g each)
  • 150g greek yoghurt
  • 50g freshly chopped dill
  • 1 spoon sea salt
  • 1 spoon pepper
  • 20 ml milk


How you do it:

Mix dill, salt, pepper, milk and yoghurt in a bowl. Introduce the salmon into the yoghurt marinade and macerate it for 2 hours. Before putting the salmon on the grill rinse it a little bit so that it does not drop yoghurt sauce unnecessarily.

Once the BBQ grill is ready and you can start to grill the salmon on the side with the skin and scales. Grill the salmon for a few minutes on this side (Don’t worry the scales are a natural anti-adherent so the salmon will not stick to the grill). Turn the salmon slices around and grill them from the other side. Having now the skin and scale o the upper part will help to preserve the liquids within the salmon so that it stays very juicy. The salmon is ready once you can lift it effortlessly from the grill, thanks to the crunchy crust that was produced during the grilling process.

Serve and Enjoy


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