Cherry Jelly

It’s cherry season. Although it is possible to enjoy cherries from mid-April to August. The best season to have some juicy and sweet cherries is right now at the end of May beginning of June. If you want to enjoy a little bit longer the cherry season you should totally go for cherry jelly. It is perfect for yoghurt, pastries, pancakes, etc… (you name it)

What you need (4 jars)

  • 400g pork or veal meat (make sure that it is rich in collagen)
  • 900g of cherries
  • 175ml apple juice
  • 25ml gin
  • 500g sugar
  • 1 pack of vegetarian jelly fix / gel fix (for 1 kg of fruit)


How you do it:

Cut-open the cherries and remove the stone/pit. (I know this takes some time but it is totally worth it). Weigh the stoneless cherries (you should have aprox 800g).
Add sugar apple juice, and gin (don’t worry the alcohol evaporates during the cooking process). In total you should have 1,5 kg.
Macerate the cherries for 1 night.
The next day start cooking the cherries. Once they start boiling whisk in the gel fix in. Cook according to the gel fix’ instructions (usually 2-3 minutes).
While the marmalade is still hot fill up the jars (make sure that the jars are super-clean and totally dry). Close them and turn them around to create a perfect vaccum. Cool down the marmelado for a few hours.

Serve and Enjoy


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