Grilled Sardines


Sardines are quite a polarising topic. Either you love them or you hate them. Some love the salty sea flavour other just think that when grilling sardines they smell terribly and taste even worse. I consider myself to lucky first group that sardines quite a lot.
In Spain 40-50 years ago sardines were considered fish for the poor people. However, this has changed quite significantly. Nowadays top restaurants serve either traditional recipes or some new modern adpatations with this fish. Well, to my taste with sardines you should keep it simple. So take out your charcoal grill and let’s do this

What you need (for 2 dishes)

  • 500g fresh sardines (make sure they are supershiny- the shiner the fresher
  • sea salt (lots of it)


How you do it

Get your grill hot, real hot. Teh trick for amazing tasting sardines is to get a crunchy skin whilst the inside remains juicy. And that only happens with a really hot grill. Befor putting the sardines on the grill sprinkle and rub lot of sea salt over them. Then put them on them over the heat and grill for 5-10 minutes on each side. You know the sardines are ready when the skin turns golden-ish.

Serve and enjoy


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