Datscha – Berlin (GERMANY)


Berlin has always kept a close relationship to the east. And the influence of Eastern Eurpoean countries is all over Berlin as well. So no wonder you can find amazing Russian cuisine in Berlin. On of the best and most know Restaurants: DATSCHA


Datscha – Russian Style Cuisine

Gabriel-Max-Strasse 1

Berlin (GERMANY)



What we had:



Russian mixed pickles, that is Proletariat. Served with a delicious double-shot of Vodka.


Moscow Pelmeni

Russia is famous for their filled dumplings. So we could not miss that out. The Moscow-Styled Pelmeni are the grilled type filled with pork and beef served with a sour cream spicy tomato sauce, and koriander.


A great place to go in Berlin. Don’t miss it out. And they have Wostock lemonade, too!!



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