QANTAS – Business Class

Going ‘down under’ means a looooong very looooong flight. Well good thing is that someone can enjoy the delicacies of an airline for a longer time. Which airline could it be when somebody goes down under? Qantas of course – the spirit of Australia. Qantas is the airline that definitely does most of the flight on the kangaroo-route, so the chances were quite high to fly with them.


Airline: Qantas

Flight(s): QF2 (09/09/2017 – 10/09/2017)

Itinerary: DXB – SYD

Aircraft: Airbus A380-800


What I had:

As the flight took of in morning it was some kind of lunch-dinner-ish mix.


First of all snacking up with Austrlian wine and some snacks. Yummy


Goat’s cheese with grilled tomatoes, shaved fennel and lemon vinaigrette. Very nice and creamy cheese topped with the vinaigrette. The tomatoes were nice as well however I was missing the typical smoky grilled taste.


For the main course chicken with kimchi fritters with cucumber salad and spring onion dip. The chicken came in a round nugget form. I thought “did they accidentally bring me something else’”. But no it was chicken at all. The chicken was nice in spicy. The best of the dish nonetheless the spicy kimchi and cucumber salad.


Dessert: Warm chocolate fondant with raspberry sauce and crème fraiche. I cannot withstand chocolate fondant. Sooo good.


Just before landing some breakfast. Do not forget to fill out the breakfast card before tucking yourself into your personal Qantas piyamas and heading for sleep…or you will not get any breakfast. I chose some banana energizer, fruit salad with yoghurt, and a cherry Danish (yeah… I am a sweettooth).



Great service and very caring flight personnel that try to ease up the long journey. Foodwise very nice and nothing to complain about. Definitely a nice way to enjoy the kangaroo route to down under.


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