Iimori Patisserie – Frankfurt/M. (Germany)


Well, I should not be posting a recommendation on a Franco-Japanese Patisserie after the holiday. I assume that no one of you is interested in having coffee and cake after the  Christmas and New Years food-orgies. But just in case you are up for some cake and happen to be in Frankfurt check this place out.




Braubachstrasse 24

Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

www. http://www.iimori.de/

Style: French / Japanese Patisserie and Baking Goods.


What did I have


The variation of Franco-Japanese cakes, tarts, and baking goods is amazing. It was really tough to choose one cake so I went for a matcha-tarte with anka filling. The base is a typical Breton bedding from the northwestern French region of Brittany. On top a layer of anka-paste topped of with a light matcha mousse. AMAZING


Short Summary

The place is usually very crowded as it has become very famous place in the city centre area of Frankfurt/Main. It is tough to get a table to sit down but once you have it you can fully enjoy the big variety of sweets and cakes offered. A really great place to visit.


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