Café Moser – Geisenheim – Germany

First some regional German geography: The Rheingau-Region is a well-known wine region west of Frankfurt between the cities Wiesbaden and Rüdesheim. It is famous for white wines such as the Riesling. Right in the middle of the Rheingau there is one Viennese-styled Café which has been part of the region for ‘aeons’: Café Moser. Café Moser conserves its original decoration, which will make you feel like being home with your German Grandmother and bakes traditional German and Austrian cakes and tarts according to their original recipe.



Café Moser


Geisenheim – Germany

Style: Viennese-German Patisserie


What did we have:


We went first for some Riesling-Hazelnut tart. Sponge cake bathed in Riesling together with Riesling-buttercream and Hazelnut-ganache. A spectacular mix of regional flavours. The Riesling-buttercream was very well done and had an amzing soft and creamy texture where you could sense all flavours.

2016-01-18 16.14.54

Afterwards a traditional German peach and cottage-cheesecake. The crust was crunchy, the cottagecheese filling with peaches soft, foamy, and with a perfect German sweet-and-sour balance.


Short Summary:

AMAZING. These cakes really taste like handmade from your German Grandmother. And the café decoration places you in a very nice scenery. Just for all of you who like more modern styled cafés. This café is a little bit more like “imperial kitsch”. So be aware of that but the cakes are a must.


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