I have not done this in ages. A typical German Dish reserved for colder weather and able to fill you for an entire day. Nonetheless, it is extremely delicious and comes best with some Knödel (cooked bread balls) and Rotkraut (red cabbage). If I am not mistaken it is one of THE German Dishes.

The recipe below if for 1 Roulade. (usually you will make 4-5 in one go, so just multiply the quantities)

What you need (for 1 Roulade)

  • 1 thin beef steak
  • 2 slices of sweet ham or bacon
  • 1 piece of cheese (10g aprox)
  • 1 pickle
  • 1 spoon mustard
  • 1 cup of white wine
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 twig rosemary
  • Oil for the pan/pot

How you do it:

Spread the beef steak. If it is still too thick, crush it with a hammer and thin out the meat.

Start by spreading the mustard on the steak. season with salt and pepper. On top place the ham, afterwards the cheese and pickle. Roll up the steak and secure with 3 stick (wooden or metal) or if you want it the traditional way with some thread. MAke sure nothing pokes out.

Heat up some oil in a pot. Roast the Roulade for aprox 2 minutes. Then cover with the wine. Add bay leaf and rosemary and let the roulade cook on low temperature for aprox 45 minutes.

Before serving withdraw the Roulade from the stock. Use it to make a fanatastic sauce for your meal.

Serve with Knödel and Rotkraut and enjoy


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