Puffy Ham’n’Cheese Empanadas

We actually should start the new year with some healthy dishes, right? Oh what the bloody hell…let’s make some ham and cheese puffy pastries

What you need (serves 6)

  • 1 rectangular puff pastry
  • 12 slices cooked or smoked ham
  • 6 slices cheese (gouda works best)
  • 1 egg

How you do it

Cut the puff pastry in 6 evenly shaped squares or rectangels. Place 1 slice of ham, then one slice cheese, and again 1 slice ham.

Whisk the egg in a bowl. With a brush paint the borders of each puff pastry square. Then star folding as if you would be wrapping a gift.

Preheat your oven to 175°C. Take a large form for your oven and lay out a parchment paper. Distribute the empanadas on the paper. Paint each empanada with more whisked egg. Afterwards place them in the oven.

Oven for aprox 25 minutes.

Serve and enjoy


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