Chicken BBQ Kefta Skewers

Its BBQ time! Summer is now officially here and the temperatures are nicely high for some meat from the flame grill. And this time we do it Arab style.

What you need (serves 4)

  • 300g chicken breast
  • 100g goat milk yoghurt
  • Handful mint leaves
  • 1 spoon salt
  • 1 spoon tabouleh (alt. yellow curry powder)

How you do it

Dice the chicken breast (skewer size). Place chicken in a bowl. Chop mint. Cover chicken with yoghurt, mint, and seasoning. Mix and rest for minimum 4 hours.

Mount the skewers with 3-4 pieces of chicken.

Grill on your BBQ four a couple of minutes until they are done.

Serve and enjoy


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