Cantina 32 – Oporto (PORTUGAL)

Basically you can eat in Oporto in a lot of good places. But there was one place that stood out. Cantina 32. In very modern an relaxing environment traditional Portuguese food with a modern touch is served.


Cantina 32

Rua das Flores 32


What we had:


Just when you sit down the waiter will serve you a selection of Portuguese breads and olives. This traditional in all Portuguese restaurants and will happen no matter where you are.


First dish we ordered a selection of Portuguese cheeses. From fresh and creamy cheeses up to more mature and spicy cheeses we were able to enjoy these delicious local dairy products.


Second on the table tataki-styled tuna and grilled beef with roasted potatoes in olive oil and a cabbage DIY salad. A very rich selection of Portuguese served fish and beef. The tastes amazing und fully enjoyable

Short Summary:

All in all a great place to have Portuguese food in Oporto. The tastes rich and amazing. Accompanied by great wines made the evening at Cantina 32 just perfect.


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