east Z east – Birmingham (UK)

Urban legends tell that the best Indian cuisine is not only to be found in India itself but also in the UK; to be more precise Birmingham. Why is that so? Well the large Indian community in Birmingham has introduced and developed Indian and specially a curry cuisine there.

In this article many thanks go to my British work colleagues Laura and Mark for suggesting this place while business trip to the UK.



East & East

197 Broad Street – Birmingham (UK)


Style: Indian


What we had:


While going through the very extensive menu, we received as a starter snack some papadum (lentil crackers) with 8 sauces to spice up them up: fresh mint and cream, yoghurt, spicy pickled cucumber, garlic, plum chutney, mango chutney and tomato chutney and sweet/sour pickled shallots.


For main dishes spicy Balti Chicken & Keema and Peshwari Gosht, served together with lemon/lime fried rice, and cheese naan.


Short Summary:

If you like Indian curry and happen to be in Birmingham. just visit East &  East. The amazing variety of curries, from spicy to mild, from meat to vegetarian or from creamy to savoury, will make you find the perfect one for you.


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