Chop’t – Washington DC (USA)

After a few days of touring around USA and eating burgers, pizza, fries, steaks and other famous American Dishes our conscience kicked in. This is why we went searching for some vegetarian food around Washington DC. And we found it



Address: 730 7th Street NW, Washington DC

Style: Salad, Vegetarian

What we had:


OK. The options on what salad to have are literally endless. Not only you can choose a salad from the menu, but you can create your own with the ingredients available. In order to make it simple and fast we chose two salads from the menu:

The Santa Fe and Harvest Cobb – Pure vegetarian ones. Simple but effective. First the Santa Fe was well balanced with a tasty Latin-American touch such as the name says including corn, avocado and fried onion. Harvest Cobb, as the name says included everything you expect in a autumn-styled salad with walnuts, beets, and a little bit of grilled chicken.

Our need to have some healthy and vegetarian food was satisfied. Though We have to admit that one salad had some chicken in it. But definitely Chop’t is agreat alternative for having American veggie-food.


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