DC Taco Truck – Washington DC (USA)


Touring around the US East Coast we stopped two days in Washington. There, we could not miss out the typical American food trucks, which usually are stationed around the office buildings. First problem: In Washington there are office buildings almost everywhere around the city centre. So we started searching around the office builigns close to the Capitol Building. After 45 minutes walking we ended up at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and there we found more than 15 trucks serving fresh food of all kinds. A second problem arose. Which one should we pick? Well… finally the decision was taken and we decided for the  DC Taco Truck


DC Taco Truck

Address: 699 Virginia Ave SW

That was the location where we found the DC Taco Truck, currently they have 3 Taco Trucks running around DC and the locations shift. Make sure to check out the Twitter profile @DCTacoTruck to find them

Style: Mexican


What We had:


First some salad with grilled vegetables. The salad was amazing fresh made and the vegetables were still hot when we got the salad. And lots of avocado. Very goooood.

Next we had the 3 taco special served with some home-made tortilla chips. The tortilla chips extra-crunchy. The good thing about the 3 taco special was that you could actually mix the ingredients. We had

  • Veggie,
  • Steak, and
  • Chicken

To sum up. The food was impeccable. Very Mexican indeed just in the middle of Washington DC. Definitely a place to come back.


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