Business Long Haul – AIRFRANCE

Almost one year ago I did this exact same route on Airfrance. But it was in Economy Premium. So this year we give it a try in Business Class



Flight(s): AF 334 (04/03/2019)

Itinerary: CDG – BOS

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER

What I had:

As a small appetizer some beet root mousse and cheese crumble.

As entrée sautéed shrimp and mango tartare, served together couscous, grapefruit and veggies. On the side a green salad with pine nuts and balsamico dressing.

Afterwards Main course: I chose the suggestion by Ann-Sophie Pic, the head chef of Airfrance: Black tea flavoured chicken, pea royale soup with ginger and lemon. After the main course, what can never be left out in France some delicious goat’s cheese and Canton PDO.

For dessert I chose the apricot tart: Sablee Breton, with vanilla cream and fresh apricots.

Let’s be honest. I do not know what it is with Economy Premium, but Business Class food is far more sophisticated. And the French know their food.


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