Economy Long Haul – SWISS

All good things come to an end. so it was time to get back home. This time with Swiss International Airlines from Boston to Zurich. and it was quite surprising


Airline: SWISS

Flight(s): LX 055 (10/09/2018)

Itinerary: BOS – ZRH

Aircraft: Airbus A330-300

What I had:

Just after take-off a baggie of olive oil and sesame crackers. Served together with a drink of choice. Surprisingly I could order a complimentary gin and tonic. Not a common thing these days in economy class. Oh yeah the crackers were great.

For main course I chose the vegetarian option. Pasta with a red pesto. Very nice. Served together with a green salad a a slice of red berries and cream tart. Nothing wrong here.

Just before landing breakfast. This time a small breakfast box. Inside a strawberry cream yoghurt, orange juice and a freshly warmed croissant. A nice snack-in breakfast.

All a very nice economy flight.


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