BarCentro – Barcelona, SPAIN

Drink Craft, not crap. That is Barcentro’s slogan. Well indeed, it is a nice craftbeer bar were you can have some delicious beers in an chilled atmosphere. But also if you are hungry you can get few nice things.


Barcentro – Burgers and Craft Beer

Calle Casp, 55,

08010 Barcelona, Spain



First of all some beers to raise the appetite. So we went for a pint of Edge Trifle Virgin, a cherry flavoured Belgian Triple beer and a cup of Magic Rock Hypnotist, a tropical tart IPA. Very nice and refreshing both of those. The Edge Trifle had an subtle taste of cherries. Not too strong and avoiding this artificial lab-cherry taste arome. The Magic Rock fresh and a lovely strong taste of hops.


As an appetizer we went for some deep-fried battered shrimps with thai sauce. Perfectly crunchy. The batter texture a perfect mix of bread crumbs and tempura.


And as a main dish burgers. A classic Bar Centro Burguer with Galician veal goat cheese and other classy ingredients, and the Smokey. The smokey was not made with ‘traditional’ grounded meat but with the Barcentro’s specialty the Pulled Pork. Cooked slowly 8 hours the meat is tasty and soft and just ‘melts’ when you take a bite. Served with some coleslaw and molten cheese, it is a perfect mix savoury rich meat and a fresh cole salad.

Totally recommendable.


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