Business Class British Airways

After Japan Airlines and Finnair we get to test the food of the next One World Alliance member: British Airways. Again Business Class or Club World as it called in BA. This time we got 2x lunch…what the… well yes departing during the morning in Japan and arriving at lunch time in London makes two times lunch.


Airline: British Airways

Flight(s): BA 008 (28/02/2017)

Itinerary: HND – LHR

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER


What I had:


Ok to start of dinner I went for some Japanese starters. Simmered prawn, sukeko rakugan, sweet simmered broad bean, erring roe with soy sauce and smoked salmon with turnip roll. A ver nice selection of Japanese appetizers.

Main course: Australian Beef

From the main courses we selected the Australian beef filet with pepper teriyaki sauce green beans kuwai matukasa, steamed rice and carrot.
The beef was served grilled and I was quite impressed that the ‘fresh-from-the grill’ taste could somehow be preserved.

Dessert: Strawberry Crumble Cake

And to finish off some strawberry crumble cake. Served in a mille-feuille style it was very tasty.

After some hours of break lunch No. 2 came.

Entrée and Dessert

Marinated prawns wit myoga ginger, shiso leaf and yuzu pepper sauce. Very good combination and my absolute favourite during the flight

2nd Lunch Main Course

Second asparagus risotto. As chicken teriyaki (my first choice) was out by the time I was served I switched to the vegetarian alternative. From the quality very ok although I missed a stringer taste of white vine and cheese, which is essential for the risotto.

To finish off fresh fruits. The fruits were served with the first dish, so quite a few passengers had their dessert before the main dish.

All in all a very nice and fun service with a few highlights.


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