Kinnie Manhattan

I never thought I would find Kinnie outside of Malta. And especially not on the other end of the world.

As I have now been able to to stock up on Kinnie. Nothing is stopping me from making the famous Kinnie Manhattan

What you need

  • 40cl whiskey or bourbon
  • 20cl red vermouth
  • 40cl Kinnie
  • dash of Angostura bitters
  • ice cubes for chilling
  • orange slice or orange peel for deco

How you do it

Take a mixing glas and fill it up with ice cubes to chill.

Add carefully whiskey/bourbon, vermouth, angostura and Kinnie.

Stir with a mixing spoon or stick.

Use a Martini glass or similar to serve. To serve pass the cocktail through a sift or filter to keep the icecubes out.

Decorate with an orange slice or peel.

Serve and enjoy


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