First Class Long Haul – QANTAS

Well I was supposed to fly Business Class. But, when I tried to board something was not quite right wih my boarding card. The assitant doube and triple checked everything and suddenly I was upgraded to FIRST CLASS. So I had nothing better to do than enjoy the first class suit and fuirst class food.

Stats:Airline: QANTASFlight(s): QF 0002 (31/08/2019)Itinerary: SIN – SYDAircraft: Airbus A380-800

What I had:Before take-off some canapés to get startedAfter departure, as food was more or less a la carte, I went for three differnt dishes. First up was some coconut milk chicken salad with cashews, chilli and lemongrass.Afterwards ome king prawns with rucket artichoke salad and hummus.Third dish, steak sandwich with tomato and chilli relish.To finish off dinner I went for some delicious cheese.Just before landing I went for some savoury breakfast. Smoked salmon on buckwheat noodles, koriander, zucchini, and poached eggSummary:
Whever said first class is just “a little bit” better than Business Class is totally lying. The extra space, extra food, and extra service is AMAZING.


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