Business Class – DELTA

Is there any older aircraft type than the Boeing 767? Well Boieng does not build these type of aircraft anymore but some airlines still have those in use. Such as DELTA. FUn experience though.


Airline: DELTA

Flight(s): AA 476 (17/02/2018)

Itinerary: JFK – BCN

Aircraft: Boeing 767-400ER


What I had:


To start off. A Sweetwater Brewing Pale ale and a few dry fruits. Yummy. A very nice pale ale.


The starter pickeled shrimps with vadouvan sauce and cashews and a butter lettuce salad. I did not know that you can put butter on a salad. Well it is an American airline so I guess you can.

From 4 options to choose I went for the lacquered roast chicken breast. Served with some black truffle risotto and glazed winter vegetables. A nice dish indeed


I know I shouldn’t and that late in the night having the cheese platter for dessert is not the healthiest. But cheese is soooo goooood.

And last, just before landing some breakfast. I went for the crunchy vanilla granola with fresh fruit. At least something tht made me feel ‘healthier’.


All in all old aircraft good food.


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