PORTILLO’s – Chicago, IL

Want to feel like a Gangster from the 30ies/40ies in Chicago and have a real good Hot Dog? Well then Portillo’s is a good choice (recommended also by all native citizens of Chicago).

The good thing is that Portillo’s has various places all over the US, so you do not have to be in Chicago to get their awesome hotdogs.


Portillos’s Clark & Chicago

100 W. Ontario
Chicago, IL – USA


What I had:


Char-grilled Maxwell Street Polish sausage. In contrary to other hot dogs this sausage is grilled. Served with some grilled sweet onions and home made mustard


Well one hot dog was not enough. And so I went for a traditional hot dog. Served with pickle, jalapeños, chopped onion, tomato, and cilantro.


If you go to Chicago go there and have some hot dogs!


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