Serrano Ham Croquettes

One of Spain’s most favourite dishes that turns your leftovers into a delicacy: Croquettes. It is very traditional way to convert meat, fish or veggies that remained from a meal into a crunchy soft-melting delicacy. The most traditional are made from cod, mushrooms, blood pudding, stew meat and also Serrano ham. This ones features the serrano ham option.

What you need (for 4 jars)

  • 200g chopped Serrano ham
  • 2 cups milk
  • 3 spoon butter
  • 2 spoons flour

    bread crumbs and sunflower oil for frying


How you do it

In a bowl cover the chopped Serrano ham with the milk. Let it rest for one night. The milk will help to remove the salt from the meat.

The next day filter the ham. Reserve the salty milk for later.

In a pot melt the butter add the flow and the chopped Serrano ham and mix until you get a homogeneous mass. Add slowly the salty milk until you get a soft texture. (make sure that it is between liquid and solid)

With two spoons make the typical croquette form. Coat the croquettes with breadcrumbs. Fry them in a pan with oil until they are golden brown.

Serve and Enjoy


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