Taberna Pedraza, Madrid (Spain)

Are you in Madrid looking for a very stylish Tapas restaurant with that retro-flair? No typical ‘tourist-trap’ and with authentic Spanish food and dishes. Well then don’t look further. Taberna Pedraza is a new and amazing place to have tapas. It is located very central and close to the Retiro park. (BTW: if you like you can also reserve table and have a proper meal).


Just for your info. During my visit I went for some tapas. A full meal is still pending.



Taberna Pedraza

C/ Ibiza No. 38



What did I have.


While waiting for the dishes I received some small snacks. Cheese, crunchy bread sticks, and some slices of chorizo and salchichón (Spanish dried salami). A good way to spend the waiting time.


First a Spanish classic. Serrano ham croquettes – homemade with their own texture and not industrial ones. The texture amzing crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Just like croquettes have to be.


Next one tiger-mussles deep-fried. Here again the mussel is bedded into a very crunchy but creamy texture and then deep-fried. Very nice indeed.



Last and thrid savoury dish. Chistorra with Padron peppers. The northern specialties fused I one dish. Padron peppers come, as the name suggests from Padron, Galicia, and the chistorra a typical spicy sausage directly imported from the Basque country. A very well fused northern territories dish.


Last on the list some dessert: Leche frita (fried milk). Well it has not been a trip to Madrid if you did not have some fried milk. Although it is a very common dessert in Madrid the trick is to find a place where the make the fried milk the moment you ask for it. Some places have it stored done and ready to serve, but that is definitely not good. Contrary to Taberna Pedraza the fried milk is done when you as for it so that you get it served with a super crunchy warm crust with a dash of cinnamon. Just perfect



If you happen to be in Madrid and you want to go for an authentic, stylish, and very nice tapas bar, then Taberna Pedraza is your place.


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