A Mordiscos – Vigo, Galicia (Spain)

How do you eat your food? – Bite by bite, or in Spanish “A Mordiscos”. Well that is just the place we have been visiting in Vigo, Galicia.



A Mordiscos
Rúa Real 22
36202 Vigo, Galicia


What did we have:


While we were waiting for the food and having some local beers we got a small bowl with Olives of all sorts, courtesy of “A Mordiscos”. A very nice and delicious way to spend the waiting time.

For starters we went for the cod and tomato marmalade sandwich and a grilled scallop with smoky bacon and pineapple. Well you are right at the sea so this is a perfect way to start off. Crunchy bread, great taste of the cod and a great mix of fruit, seafood and meat with the grilled scallop.

Right after that as main dishes salmon carpaccio and deep fried shrimps in filament batter. Very fresh and deliciously seasoned carpaccio and super crunchy shrimps.


As usual we could not decide which dessert to choose. Luckily A Mordiscos offers “a little bit of everything” and that is what we went for. Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream, cheese cream with mango, chocolate custard with whipped cream, and Oreo tiramisu. Perfect for all dessert junkies… just like us.


Short Summary:

Galicia is famous for its seafood and being in Vigo you cannot do much wrong when choosing a restaurant to have lunch or dinner. A Mordiscos is a great place for that right in Vigo’s city centre


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