Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. A relatively short flight. So this time the Airline chosen was Malaysia Airlines. Although there are also other Airlines flying the same route Malaysia Airlines offered the best flight frequency so the choice was more or less clear.



Airline: Malaysia Airlines

Flight: MH 774 (13/03/2016)

Itinerary: KUL – BKK

Aircraft(s). Boeing 737-800


What did I get:


A quick flight but I got a warm dish and two options to choose from. I went for the hindu-styled chicken patty with yellow curry. The picture makes it look worse than it actually was (I tried to make anice picture but the textures and decorations did not help that much). The menu was accompanied with a baggy of salted peanuts and a traditional Mori chocolate chip cake.


Short Summary:

The food was actual quite ok. The patty good in taste in texture although after a few cuts it disassembled itself. The curry was good in taste although quite heavy in the stomach afterwards.


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