Famous for its service and food I have had the chance to travel on the business class of the world famous Singapore Airlines. As some would say, “well you did not quite make it….there is still a First Class ahead of that”. That is true but Business Class rocks as well.



Airline Singapore Airlines

Flight: SQ 377 and SQ 106 (09/03/2016 and 10/03/2016)

Itinerary: BCN – MXP – SIN – KUL

Aircraft(s). Boeing 777-300ER & Airbus A350-900


What did I get:



The first part of the flight was a mere 90 minutes flight from BCN to MXP. So only a sandwich was offered. Me choice did go for a smoked salmon sandwich with mixed salad.



Now to the longer part. First a nice cocktail… And guess what I chose: Of course a Singapore Sling.


Starting the lunch menu off with a canapé of Singapore satee chicken with onion cucumber and spicy peanut sauce.


Right after that a small Italian appetizer of prosciutto ham with mozzarella cheese and grilled vegetables.


As a main dish a chose something Asian. Egg noodles in broth with braised pork ribs and some Chinese greens.


As a dessert Chocolate Truffle cake. (Yeah when it comes to chocolate I cannot say no, although the alternative pistachio nut ice cream also looked very nice)


Finishing off dinner in a French way with some assorted types of cheese.


Just before landing in Singapore a very nice continental breakfast with an amazing fruit salad.



After a quick layover in Singapore’s Changi Airport the trip continues in a brand new Singapore Airlines Airbus A350. The trip to Kuala Lumpur is short. So just enough time for a quick breakfast with yoghurt and a muffin.


Short Summary:

I admit the food is really great. No wonder Singapore Airlines has won various time prizes and awards for their food. The food is well prepared and the conservation is done in a fine way, so that the food tastes freshly cooked. Remarkable were the satee chicken and the egg noodles in broth. I really enjoyed that. And just for you to know…. Usually I would complain about e bread on board, but not this time.


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