Business Class – ALITALIA

Airline: Alitalia

Flight: AZ 403 & AZ 784 (03rd October 2015)

Itinerary: FRA – FCO – NRT

What did we get


On the first flight from Frankfurt/Main to Rome a small snack was served. Parmesan cheese together with some Parmiggiano ham, a quiche, and chocolate mousse. Very nice everything. The bread was somewhat dry. But all together very good.


To finish it off some chocolate biscotti together with a nice cup of tea (yeah I know not very Italian but it was my choice).


Second flight started right away after take off with a small aperitive Campari served together with a mini quiche, marinated shrimps and an olive. Very nice. The aperitive did not last very long.


First on the docket: fresh bresaola filled with roquefort mousse and a sugared bitter orange. Very good indeed but once again I sateyed away from the super-dry bread.


Spinach and gorgonzola filled ravioli served together with a cream sauce. It was allover ok. I assume that it is quite difficult to serve fresh pasta flying 13-15 km up in the air.


To finalise dinner some fresh fruit was served. An excellent way to finish a very decent dinner without bad conscience.


Just before landing some Italian styled breakfast, Juice, coffee fresh fruits, pastry and once again some super dry bread I stayed away from.


All in all very nice combined dinner (Well it is business class so the quality should be at a top level). The only thing to complain is the super dry bread. I do not know if it something general that happen on all flight services but until now I could not find any decent bread on any airline. Hope that search ends soon.


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