Bistrot de L’Octroi – Sarlat-La-Caneda (France)

A business trip brought me to the Dordogne region in southern France. Dordogne is the home region for french specialties made from ducks, geese, and brants. What does that mean? YEAH this is the capital region of foie gras. And we definitely went for it.


Bistrot de L’Octroi

Address: 111 Avenue de Selves, Sarlat-La-Caneda

Style: French, Local

What we had:


As said before, we were in the main region of foie gras so we could definitely not miss out having some. Great thing is that the bistrot offers the “Trilogie de Foie”. From lef to right duck foie gras, goose foie gras and slighlty roasted brant foie gras. All served with some duck ham, grapefruit jelly, plum marmelade and crackers. This is definitely a delight for all foie gras lovers.



Second some roasted duck breast with orange sauce. Duck is a specialty why choose anything different. Very tasty, too.


When we got to choose the dessert there were 9 desserts to choose from. So which one should we take? Well.. we came to the conclusion: Why not all? Well the Bistrot de L’Octroi offers a the “Symphonie de Desserts”.  9 delicious French specialties.

Top row: Fruit salad, lemon pie, and strawberries with whipped cream

Middle row: Crème brûlée, vanilla ice-cream, nougat-cream

Low row: Rice pudding, fondant, meringue


Short summary:

Amazing place to be and enjoy classic French cuisine.  We recommend to walk to this place. The walk back to the hotel is defnitely needed to help the digestion.


5 thoughts on “Bistrot de L’Octroi – Sarlat-La-Caneda (France)

    1. Yeah! Definitely France is still one of the countries with an amazing cuisine (Although we, the Spanish guys, are doing quite well, too 😉 ). The grapefruit jelly was very good. I am still up to do this myself. Nevertheless, I am a great fan of bitter jams and marmelades (see my tangerine jelly recipe). So I guess for someone who likes more sweet jams and jellies I would recommend to use a greater amount of sugar to augment the sweetening.

      1. Yes I agree about Spanish food. Living in Mexico 5 years, I ate lots of Mexican food that has influences from Spain. I use Orange Marmalade as a syrup over my house made crepes!!

        Nice to hear from you Luis..,Hope all is well!!


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