Los Zagales – Valladolid (SPAIN)

Pintxos are usually Basque specialties and it is usually hard to compete with those guys from the northern regions. But there is one place in Castilla y León which is competing with the northern chefs: Los Zagales. Los Zagales has won various prices and awards for its creative Pintxos and Tapas. When find the place in the city centre of Valladolid, you are right away in the Tapas bar. But Los Zagales has also a restaurant which we tested all along.

The stats:

Los Zagales

Address: C/ Pasión 13, Valladolid, SPAIN

Style: Spanish


What we had:


While waiting for the dishes we got for free some nacho-tapas with guacamole and tomato mix. It was quite delicious.


Next on the dish a Caesar’s Salad and some smooth rice with prawns. OK we admit the Ceasar’s salad is not very Castilian but in Los Zagales it is a very delicious one. The rice was amazing, too. and this one for sure is typical Spanish.


The main dish: Stewed bull’s tail: This is one of the most traditional dishes in the Castilian region. Unfortunately this one lacked of some cooking. The stewed bull’s tail usually has to be cooked slowly for a few hour. This long cooking procedures allows to melt down the gelatinous substance from the meat. Without the gelatine the meat becomes smooth and literally melts in your mouth.


Last on the table some Castilian-style cheesecake. This one is made with goat cheese from the region and home-made caramel. This was definitely a good compensation for the technical problems with the main dish.

Short Summary:

If have the Chance to visit Valladolid, have a visit at Los Zagales – famous for it’s tapas and pintxos. And, if you have some time, stop by for a meal. Almost all dishes are typical form the region.


4 thoughts on “Los Zagales – Valladolid (SPAIN)

  1. Chef..isn’t your dessert, like a Spanish Fan? That is exactly how one looks with a dulse de leche topping or a home-made caramel as you stated.

    The food looks delectable though!! Thanks for sharing your dinning experience at Los Zagales!!


    1. Yes it is. Actually it was a cheese-cake/dulce de leche combo. (I wasn’t sure if everyone knows what dulce de leche is… so I went on the safe side and translated it) but thanks hahahaah!

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