Restaurante Sibarius – Granada (SPAIN)

Snacking tapas in Granada city centre? Sibarius is your address. Nice ambience, a good selection of tapas and a nice wine-collection to test.


Restaurante Sibarius

Address: Plaza de Bib-Rambla 20, Granada

Style: Spanish

What we had:


We first ordered some drinks and got right away some stylish potato salad Russian style. The although it is called Russian style this potato salad is typical Spanish. Served with seafood, vegetables and fresh made mayonnaise it is a great way to start off your evening.


Next some ‘crushed’ eggs with foie. The textures and flavours are in an amazing combination. And altogether served with some oven-warm bread. On this dish stands out the foie – crunchy on the outside but soft and rich on the inside.

Short summary:

Granada is famous for its tapas and the generosity with which you receive them. Why did we just have two at Sibarius? In Granada if you go for tapas you never stay at the same place. After one or two of them you switch restaurants and bars.


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