EMIRATES – Business Class

Coming home from Dubai. Of course, with Emirates. Emirates is known for their excellent service and their multicultural food.


Airline: Emirates

Flight(s): EK 185 (23/09/2017)

Itinerary: DXB – BCN

Aircraft: Airbus A380 – 800


What I had:

2017-09-25 18.17.26

The flight started in the morning, so the first thing on the table breakfast. Continental style to be more precise. Fresh cut fruit, yoghurt, and a raisin roll. Simple and classic.


Just before landing lunch was served. The entrée, smoked halibut carpaccio and a green salad. Very nice indeed.

2017-09-25 18.16.55

For the main course I chose something classic arabian. Chicken baharat. Chicken baharat is slowly roasted chicked that has been marinted carefully with 7 spices. Served with aromatic rice with minced lamb, fried cashew nuts and pistaccioes. Fantastic.


Although I was full I could not miss out dessert. So I went for the ´lighter´option: Raspeberry yoghurt delice with redcurrants. Very nice panacotta-tyled mousse filled with raspeberry cream.


Well nothing to complain. The food fantastic and catching up with what is expected.



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