Business Class – FINNAIR

Once you go to Asia you also gotta come back at some point, right. So back from Tokyo JAL’s partner airline from the Oneworld alliance: Finnair.

Food wit Philosophy is the motto of the menu. Finair has been awarded several times for their food and moreover for their wine selection so lets figure out what Finnair’s food philosophy is and this time we pay close attention to the wine.



Airline: Finnair

Flight(s): AY 74 (04/12/2016)

Itinerary: NRT – HEL

Aircraft: Airbus A340-300


What I had


As an appetizer a shrimp and chicken teriyaki pincho with some champagne. Correctly executed I would say. The menu indicated that a green salad weould be present as well but it was served with the starter dishes.


So with the starters we finally got the missing green salad. Together with that some ‘petite four’. A combo of seafood, beef pastrami and vegetables. A very light choice to keep your body weight under control I guess. Served with a Riesling wine from Hattersheim. from 2015

Main Dish

Main dish on the next. Three option available. I went for some grilled salmin with some crabmeat sauce deep freid tofu and vegetables, rice and black sesame. It was ok. I was missing the deep fried tofu… I guess it were these fine filaments on top of the salmon??? The wine here some 5 years aged Chateau Tour Sieujean from 2011. I know I commited a sin by choosing such a wine for fish..but I could not resist!!!


And for dessert again 4 choices. As I am a sweet tooth I could nit say no to same cake. Together with some 2012 Austrian Einklang Trawiner Ice Wine. Very nice the combo.


Just before Landing (as the landing time was afternoon a little snack. Again 3 choices. I went for the bento… Sorry I could not get enough from the Japanese food.


In general I can say the food is allright. Correctly done with a few outstanding nice dishes. The wine card is amazing and I can confirm that the awards are justified.


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