Economy Class – LUFTHANSA

Boeing 737-300. I never expected to be on one of these aircrafts from Lufthansa, especially as they are some kind of old and Lufthansa is replacing them with the Airbus A320 family. But ye I happend to be on one on a very short haul flight.


Airline: Lufthansa

Flight: LH 1198 (11/04/2016)

Itinerary: FRA – ZRH

Aircraft(s). Boeing 737-300

What did I get:


Lisa’s sour cream and onion chips.  A ver quick snack to enjoy the 30 minutes from Frankfurt to Zurich. Very crunchy. And one of the last airlines to serve you something on short haul flights. (On some airlines the flight attendats do not even bother to get up from their seats)



2 thoughts on “Economy Class – LUFTHANSA

  1. Hi do you know by any chance the brand name of the chips? I had the same snack on my flight from munich and i want to buy them

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