The Eating Out Cat

KurriKurri – Plymouth (UK)

Being for almost a week in the UK we wanted to go for some dishes the UK is also famous for: Curry. The large influence by Indian cultures has made the UK also a destination for these kind of dishes. So wandering around Plymouth we were searching for a curry place and found this one: The KurriKurri. The KurriKurri offer curries from all over the world whether it is ‘classic’ Indian or Thai style curries as also more ‘exotic’ ones from South Africa with selected ostrich meat or Australia with some juicy crocodile chunks.



Address: 60 Notte Street, Plymouth (UK)

Style: Asian / Curries

What we had:


Chicken Korma. Yes this time we went for some classy Korma chicken with coriander rice. This one was fantastic. Very nice to get a nice sensation of all ingredients you can find in this kind of curry. The vegetables and spices which are roasted first. Afterwards the chicken which is added together with the coconut milk in the mix and slowly cooked until the texture soft and juicy. Topped of with the coriander rice which counterparts with its fresh taste the spicy and creamy curry mix. Just awesome.

Short summary:

If you are around Plymouth make sure to stop by at the KurriKurri. Whether you go for a classic curry or an exotic one is up to you but do not miss this place out. The excellent service makes this place a must.


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