Oishii Ramen – Madrid (SPAIN)

Ok I should stop posting only about Japanese ramen soups and restaurants serving ramen. Nevertheless, today being the first The Chef Cat anniversary, I wanted to share a personal history about a place I never miss out when visting Madrid. A few years ago, during a cold February I was sent on a business trip to Madrid for an entire week. For all of you who do not know Madrid in February: it gets very cold and the temperatures drop below 0ºC. After 3 days being there I catched a cold. All I wanted is a very nice warm ramen-soup to fight back the cold. So I satrted searching in Madrid Japanese places and all I found was some sushi places. After wandering the frozen city centre for a few hours (and witha  little help from my mobile phone) I found Oishii Ramen. There I got my ramen and I felt well again pretty quick.


Oishii Ramen

Address: C/ Miguel Moya 6, Madrid

Style: Japanese, Ramen


What did we get:

Oishii, besides serving ramen is also a Sushi ‘circle’ restaurant. So while you wait for your ramen you can randomly pick some sushi specialties. You will have a lot to choose from as the chefs will serve from the most classic sushi to the some modern variations.


For main dishes deep fried chicken ramen and spicy ramen. The ramen soups are really amazing. (By now I have been through the whole menu). So feel free to pick any one. You will really enjoy them.

Short Summary:

If you are looking for Ramen in Madrid, go to Oishii.

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