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Lousiana – Frankfurt / Main (GERMANY)

Fancy an American restaurant nf Frankfurt? Well Lousiana is a good choice. To make you feel a little bit closer to the Lousiana swamps the restaurant features a tank with alligators. Don’t worry the alligators in tank are small and safley locked away. So you can enjoy the food.


The stats:


Address: Eschenheimer Anlage 40, Frankfurt/Main (GERMANY)

Style:  American

What we had:


Lousiana was featuring the evening we went a “Chicken Circus” special. So we got one of the dishes. This one was called “The Clown”. A wrap filled with crunchy chicken, coleslaw, salad, tomato and cream cheese. All served together with a green salad, yogurt sauce and Cajun sauce.

Short summary

Lousiana is a great place for having American food in Frankfurt. Their Circus special was a nice alternative to the regular dishes. Nevertheless the Cajun sauce was everything but great. Fortunately the yogurt sauce was a great alternative.


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