The Cooking Cat

Tangerine Jam


Before the tangerine season is over let’s make something with tangerines. First idea some tangerine jam. Perfect for desserts or for having on your toast at breakfast.

What you need:

  • 4 tangerines
  • 25 ml rum
  • 4 spoons brown sugar
  • 2 shards gelatine

How you do it:

Rub the tangerines’ peel off. Afterwards cut the tangerines into halves and squeeze out the juice. Mix the peel with the juice, rum and the sugar. Heat everything up until it boils. Withdraw the mix from the stove. Meanwhile put the gelatine shards into water. Wait 2-4 minutes until the shards turn soft. Withdraw the softened shards and dissolve them into the tangerine-rum mix. Put the tangerine mix then in a glass and seal it. Let it cool down for a few hours until the mix turns to jam.

Serve and enjoy


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