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Banzai Sushi & Sake Bar – Madrid (SPAIN)


Banzai Sushi & Sake Bar

Address: C/ Recoletos 10 – Madrid (Spain)

Style: Japanese

The Menu (Things that we had)


First a small appetizer served for free courtesy of the house. Macerated salmon with a sweet and sour sauce served with some sweet algae. Very delicious and a great way to start off dinner


For starters tiger-shrimp tempura bathed in a spicy cayenne cream sauce. Besides that the shrimps were bathed in a cayenne sauce they were still crispy inside. A really amazing combination


Next Uramaki and Maki-Rolls: From left to right.

Burger-Uramaki filled with veal and covered with a transparent tomato-folio. Classic avocado and salmon roll, deep-fried and topped-off with mayonnaise. Tuna-avocado roll, rolled in a rice-folio and topped with some salmon-caviar. Crunchy-shrimp-roll with sesame and mayonnaise.


And for closing dinner two types of nigiri. From left to right: 2 bass-truffle nigiri and 2 butterfish-nigir soaked in miso-sauce

Short Evaluation:

A great place in Madrid to have Sushi and Japanese-style food. The calm atmosfere and the subtle decoration creates a prefect environment for having an intimate dinner. The staff is well-trained and friendly. They will help you to select the dishes according to your taste.


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